FB775 digital flatbed cutter

This is a high-specification B2 and larger cutting device with an effective cutting area of 480mm x 715mm. The cutting table accommodates up to one SRA2 sheet or two SRA3 and is ideal for bigger jobs and medium production.


Additional Information

Size Chart

Cut area:

Format/size: B2+ (2 x SRA3)
Maximum media area: 580mm x 800mm
Effective contour cutting area: 480mm x 715mm
Stand: Included
Media hold-down method: 750W vacuum suction
Acoustic Muffler / Silencer: Included

Cutting control:

Cutting carriage: Dual tool cutting carriage, 2 independently operated tool positions
Cutting force: Tool 1: Cut – up to 1,200gf (1.2Kg) / Tool 2: Crease up to 1,500gf (1.5Kg)
Max cutting depth: Paper/card up to 1000micron/800gsm, Max. depth 1.2mm (low density substrate i.e. rice paper / air board).
Max speed:* Fast Mode: 1,200mm/s. Standard Mode: 960mm/s. High Definition: 750mm/s.
Typical cut accuracy: +/- 125 μ
Mountable tools: 3 tools supplied as standard for either tool position: blade holder, creasing tool (double ended) & pen tool for calibration

Software connectivity
ColorCut Pro – Production Studio: Windows 10 Pro x64 bit, 4 GB of RAM. Recommended Resolution: 1280×960 or higher. Wi-Fi for Live Video (Wi-Fi Dongle inc. with cutter). 1 x USB or 1 x Ethernet.

Registration control:
Registration system: Advanced 8th generation ARMS (Automatic Registration Mark System), Uses hi-res CCD camera system to read QR codes for instant job retrieval, also accurately reads registration marks, corrects linear, scale, skew and rotational/angular positional differences adapting the the cut file as required.

Weight: 82kg unpacked.
Max’ dimensions: 1150 x 1100 x 1010mm


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