T500 60-200W CO2 Laser Cutter

GCC LaserPro T500 Laser Cutter, armed with a robust 200W laser, ensures precise and fine cutting results. This high-speed laser system delivers exceptional 3D engraving quality, making it a top choice for a high return on investment.


GCC LaserPro T500 boasts RoHS compliance, ensuring it aligns with environmental standards. With an AC servo motor and a unique motion system, it guarantees longevity and precision. The machine excels in speedy scribing quality, thanks to its advanced control system and robust motion features. Optional add-ons, like AAS Contour Cutting and SmartPOINT Positioning Device, enhance accuracy and ease of operation. Its outstanding cutting capability, superior engraving quality, and innovative features like the knife-shaped cutting table and LED light illumination system make it a reliable choice. The pass-through front-to-rear doors and built-in networking connection add flexibility, while the bridge cutting function expands its applications into packaging prototyping.

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