ColorFlare CF1200

PROFESSIONAL MODEL - Foiling machine
The CF1200 upgrade models now feature much greater pneumatic pressure, which enables a wider choice of media options. It ships with the Premium finish flaring assembly (for faultlessly smooth foil flaring), an 'inclined delivery table' (aiding auto feeding) and a lamination pull roll control knob.


Additional Information

Size Chart

Laminating speed: 1.5m/min ~ 10m/min
Base substrate thickness: 100 ~ 400gm2
Front roller diameter:
Top: high glossy chrome 100mm
Bottom: silicon 80mm
Rear roller diameter: Silicon 55mm
Power requirement: AC 220~240V, 50/60Hz, 12A
Power consumption: 2.8kw
Warm-up time: 5 minutes
Heating system: Infrared heater
Laminating temperature: Maximum 150°C
Temperature control: Capacitive touch screen
Speed control: Capacitive touch screen
Display system: LCD Panel
Roller pressure: Pneumatic cylinder
Film core size: 77mm (3″) / Dual – 58mm, 50mm
Air compressor: 100 psi maximum pressure,
3.2 CFM open flow (50 Hz)
Temperature sensing method: Thermo-couple inserted in the
roller shell
Net weight: 187kg


the extended, inclined delivery table
premium finish flaring assembly for smoother foil output
premium finish flaring assembly for smoother foil output


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