Instantbook SF26

Stitch, Fold, Optional trim.


Additional Information

Size Chart

Infeed size(Saddle stitch): 148.5*210-330*480mm
Infeed size(Side stitch): 268*112-330*420mm
Min trimmed length: 80mm
Fold type: Knife fold
Speed:  Max 2500 books/hour (Depends on feeding) Max 1800 books/hour with Trimmer
Consumable: Wire
Accuracy:  +/-0.5mm
Guide adjustment: Automatic
Stitch thickness: 2-25 sheets (80gsm) for saddle stitch 2.6mm for side stitch
Operation Display: LCD screen and control panel
Side jog: Standard
Back Jog: Standard
Output conveyor: Standard
Stitch head qty: 2
Stitch clunch qty: 4
Cutting Strip width: 2-40mm (Factory settting is 2-20mm, 20-40mm after hardware adjustment)
Power: 220V, 50/60Hz


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